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In the year 2016, IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada announced the commitment to it to the most spousal sponsorship application within the time-frame of 12 month mentions the immigration lawyer Toronto.  This is going to reduce the process time to a significant aspect. Presently, outside Canada applications are taking an average of 18 months for processing and also the inside Canada application which might take 24 hours or more.

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New Application Forms

Along with the new processing commitment, IRCC is also known to have released an up-to-date application process.  From now on, there is going to be only one application package for inside and outside Canada spousal sponsorship application. This simply means that you will need the same forms for the all the visa offices.


The forms have also been updated.  For example, the relationship questionnaire will not have fewer questions than before.  Moreover, the background information of the application will now have to be submitted upfront. You can either upload it online within one month of obtaining an acknowledgement receipt or submit it through mail.

Immigration lawyer Toronto mentions that there is one simplified application guide along with a checklist for the documents which depends on whether you are sponsoring your common-law partner, married spouse, dependent child, or conjugal partner.  This new checklist if more interactive since you will have to answer the questions and also follow the instructions which are based on the responses. There are going to be some additional documents that the visa office will need. However, in order to be sure, you have to check for the country specific requirements on webpage of IRCC application kit.


Proving Your Relationship

Immigration lawyer Toronto has stated that the proof that you have to offer in order to demonstrate the genuineness of the relationship is also known to have changed. It depends on whether you are married, conjugal union, or common-law relationship.  In case you are a married spouse who demonstrate that they have a child together, currently living together, are married for the first time, and have been married for the last two years then you will not have to submit an additional proof of your relationship.

In case you have to submit an additional evidence of the relationship then there will be limitations on how many pieces and pages of supporting material that you will have to submit.  For example, you will now be able to submit maximum of 20 photos for supporting your relationship. This can be taken in different places and time.  Again, you can also submit maximum of 10 pages letter, emails, text messages, and social media conversations.

Medical examinations will not have to be submitted upfront says the immigration lawyer Toronto. IRCC is going to send the instruction when the medical exam result will be required.  Similarly, the police certificate requirements has also been streamlines so that you can submit for the country that you are living in and the country where you have spent most of your adult life since the age of 18.

Getting Updates

The way you receive your updates about the application is also changing states immigration lawyer Toronto. You will be able to link your paper spousal for sponsorship application with the help of the online account.  You are going to be notified by email is there is a request for further documents or if you have received a message from IRCC. Catch more tips on student immigration to foreign countries here!

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