Labour Market Impact Assessment: How To Avoid It

Let’s begin by talking about what a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) is. An Immigration lawyer Toronto will tell that it is a requirement if a Canadian Employers wants to bring in a foreign worker temporarily to Canada. But there have been exceptions where the need for LIMA has been waived. But a work permit is still required to work in Canada legally.

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Canada Work Permit HR Tool:

Employers can use this to help them navigate through the process of hiring foreign workers.

According to Immigration lawyer Toronto, the most common streams which are LMIA exempt are:

Significant benefit:

This is the degree of flexibility which Canadian visa officers can afford when it comes to assessing whether a work permit can be issued to a foreign national without the need for securing a LIMA. As the name states, the proposed benefit to the nation must be major to get this benefit and to judge this a lot of testimonies; past records and evidence are considered, like:

  • An official academic record showing a degree, diploma, certificate or something similar from a recognized educational institution.
  • Record from current or former employers which show significant full-time experience.
  • Being the recipient of international or national awards and patents
  • Recognition for significant achievements and contributions to the related field.
  • Authoring publications in industry or academic publications
  • Playing a notable role in an organization which holds a distinguished reputation.

Immigration lawyer Toronto notifies that a LIMA exception can be granted to:

  • Private entrepreneurs who want to temporarily stay in Canada to operate or start a business.
  • Entrepreneurs who have applied for Canadian Permanent residence.
  • Intra-Company Transfers who are taking a temporary transfer. But they must hold a significant position in the organization.
  • Dependents Of Foreign Workers like children and spouse holding a work permit for a job with a skilled
  • French-Speaking Skilled Workers recruited through francophone immigration promotional event can work through Mobilité Francophone.
  • Academics like guest lecturers, researches and visiting processors.
  • Immigration lawyer Ottawa also says that Workers who have been nominated by a province for a permanent residence.

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Reciprocal employment:

This agreement allows foreign workers to get employment in Canada, but only when Canadians have equal reciprocal work opportunities abroad.

International Agreements:

Introduction of foreign workers under international agreements which are considered as a benefit to Canada does not require a LIMA, like NAFTA.

International Exchange Programs:

Programs for International Youth Exchange like the IEC, teacher exchange programs and more don’t need a LIMA.

Charitable and religious work:

Charitable workers who are registered with CRA as a charity is a good indicator of being engaged with charitable work. But other foreign workers can work that is not registered with CRA, but it is advisable to keep additional information from the employer ready.

Religious Workers:

It involves the requirement to share the beliefs of a religious community where the foreign national intends to work (as required by the employer). For getting LIMA exemption, the duties should reflect a religious objective and should involve advancing, maintaining and observing the spiritual teachings of that faith.  Read more latest Canadian immigration news here!


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