CAFAC is a licensed adoption agency situated in the heart of Manitoba, in the rural town of Minnedosa. We represent and assist family’s from coast to coast in Canada. Our license accreditation allows us to work with Hague and non-Hague Countries. CAFAC is incorporated and registered under Canadian and Manitoba Law as a Not for Profit Organization.

Child Referral

A child referral will include a medical for you to look at. There will also be at least one photo of the child, and often some small amount of history or background on the child. How much information you will get depends on which country you have applied to. Each country is different in the […]

Dossier Preparation

The term dossier refers to the group of documents requested by the child’s country in order for you to apply to adopt. The home study is one of the many pieces that are in the dossier. As every country is different, it is important to know what country you are applying to as soon as […]

Post Placement

Your pre adoption paperwork includes a contract for post placement reports. This is an important part of the adoption process. Post placement reports verify the child(ren)’s safety. These show that the children are living, breathing, and are healthy here in Canada. The reports are always accompanied by lots of photos. Honoring the agreements you signed […]

Founded in January of 1995 by Adoptive Parents of Ethiopian Children, CAFAC served as facilitators for Ethiopian Adoptions until March of 1999. At that time, CAFAC became a licensed adoption agency under Manitoba’s new Adoption Act and Regulations. CAFAC has assisted with many adoptions through the years in countries such as Ethiopia, Haiti, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Russia, and Kazakhstan to name a few. Our accreditation is recognized in many foreign jurisdictions around the world.

Founders Neil and Roberta Galbraith and Richard and Deborah Northcott made a commitment years ago to assist families with the international adoption process, as there was no agency available to do this at the time their own adoptions were in process in Manitoba. This was the beginning of CAFAC.